100 Things To Find In The Deep Dark Woods

There’s a reason medieval tales are full of stories of the forest being frightening places where only the bravest — or most foolish — people dare tread.

Below are 100 things you might find in the deep dark woods — many of them horrific and terrifying, some just odd, and even a few that are peaceful and helpful. Pick and choose as you like, or roll d100 and find the result to add an element to the next forest your players wander through.

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100 Creepy Things To Find In the Necromancer’s Lair

Man, necromancers are cool. Who doesn’t love resurrecting the dead as your immortal slaves? But adventuring through a necromancer’s lair can be a little boring. Ho-hum rooms full of ho-hum skeletons. Let’s liven things up a bit, shall we?

Below you’ll find a table of 100 creepy things to find in the necromancer’s lair. Most of them take the form of rooms, corridors, or areas chock full of the creepy, the unsettling, and the downright weird. To use the table, just roll d100 and find the corresponding entry.

Random Lairs
If you want an entirely random lair for your necromancer, follow these steps:
roll 3d6 to find the number of areas the lair has
roll on the table below to figure out which specific areas those are
connect the areas with corridors or filler rooms as needed.

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100 Horrific Zombie Variations

Zombies are one of my favorite monsters. They shamble along, consumed by a ravenous hunger for living flesh. But let’s be honest — it’s easy for the traditional zombie to become background filler, even in undead-focused campaigns.

I wanted to spice zombies up a little bit, so I put together a table of 100 random zombie variants. You could use these variants to change up the normal state of all the zombies in your world, or even just to change up the zombies found in a particular dungeon or encounter. For the most part, the table is system and setting agnostic, although there’s a little bias leaning towards traditional fantasy.

There is a good deal of body horror in the table below, so if that squicks you out, proceed with caution.

To use it, just roll a d100 and find the corresponding number.

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