Random Statue Generator for Tabletop RPGs

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Statues make wonderful adventure flair for tabletop RPGs. An interesting statue can be a way to share a unique facet of your world’s history with your players. It could be a shrine worshipped by the denizens of a particular region, or a folk hero revered by the natives. It could be a hated monument to an occupying force. It could even be an integral part of your next dungeon delve — part of a puzzle or the key to progressing through to the dungeon’s end.

The generator below can create a ridiculous number of unique statues. I lost count at somewhere about 39 million unique possibilities, and every so often, I add new elements to the lists that the generator draws from, so the tool is continually growing.

Statue Generator
A medium-sized crystal statue of a sorcerer. The statue is humming; three skulls lie at the statue's base. 

The statue may have a secret: The area near the statue is noticeably colder than the surroundings.
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