DMs, I Want To Interview You!

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Series: RPGaDay 2019
This post is part 3 of 31 in a series of posts for #RPGaDay2019. Click here to see the previous post.

RPG A Day 2019

It’s day three of #RPGaDAY2019, and today’s prompt is ENGAGE. It got me thinking of ways I could better engage with other Dungeon Masters, so yesterday I put out a call to action on Twitter asking DMs to let me interview them.

Some great people replied, so I’ll be posting DM interviews all this month.

Here are the published interviews so far:

Let me interview you!

Are you a Game Master? I want to pick your brain. You don’t have to be published or be a famous streamer or podcaster. You could just be someone who gets together on Fridays with a group of friends. If you’re interested in being part of my interview project, hit me up on Twitter or use the contact form below.

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