DM Interview – Marc Cunningham

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Marc Cunningham

It only hurts your fun to be afraid to run the game. Everyone is there to have fun, not to judge you for making mistakes or not knowing a rule.

What’s your name? Who are you?

My name is Marc. I’m a father of a 3 year old, I work on computer infrastructure, and I love games of all kinds.

I recently wrote about how my first session as a DM was a total disaster. How did your first session as a DM go? What system were you running?

My very first DM session was a mess. I was running a game for two of my cousins. We had the table covered in letter size paper, with a crudely drawn map of a labyrinth I had created. It lasted all of one session. I think we were still using 2nd edition at that point. We also mixed playing Magic: the Gathering into the game.

Tell us about how you game these days. How many games do you run? Do you mostly play online or in person?

These days I run one game online using Fantasy Grounds. We play once a week, barring any life interruptions. We’re using D&D 5E now. The current group I DM for has been playing together now for somewhere around three years. And we’ve been in the same module the whole time. (Princes of Apocalypse). We’re actually getting pretty close to finishing out the module.

I’m thinking of bringing them to Barovia next. I also take care of my 3 year old son while we play, so there are frequent toddler interruptions. Many thanks to the players in my group for being patient.

What do you think is the biggest hurdle DMs face?

If all the tweets I read are anything to go by, the biggest hurdle for DMs is confidence. Which I also lack significantly. But it only hurts your fun to be afraid to run the game. Everyone is there to have fun, not to judge you for making mistakes or not knowing a rule.

If you could give advice to yourself before you ran your first game, what would it be?

Get to know your players, and have something for everyone to do. Don’t play favorites; every player deserves a chance to stand out.

Who are three DMs, online or in person, that you admire? Why?

This is probably cliche, but Chris Perkins and Jeremy Crawford are definitely two of my favorite. The third would have to be Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade.

What custom creation of your own are you most proud of?

The adventure I wrote and have available for sale on DMs Guild, Plague of the Forest Kingdom. Its the first time I put the work in to create a fully fleshed out adventure module. It is only a short adventure, but it took a lot of my time and effort to write.

Quick, in one sentence, invent a magic item. No stats necessary.

I’m terrible at on the spot stuff like this……goggles of hindsight. Does that one already exist?

Naming just one tool, what’s the most valuable tool you use to help you prepare for your campaign?

The website Donjon.

More about Marc
You can follow Marc on Twitter @Compuwrecked and at his website

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