DM Interview – Kraesh Rronnack

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Kraesh Rronnack

We really weren’t all that familiar with the rules, but that didn’t matter, we were having a lot of fun.

What’s your name? Who are you?

My name is Chad, but I usually work under the username Kraesh Rronnack, which is a name that used to belong to a D&D character of mine, but I stole it. XD

I recently wrote about how my first session as a DM was a total disaster. How did your first session as a DM go? What system were you running?

My first session as a DM was when I was 10 years old and was really fun! My friends were my players and we really weren’t all that familiar with the rules, but that didn’t matter, we were having a lot of fun just RPing!

Tell us about how you game these days. How many games do you run? Do you mostly play online or in person?

I run a GURPS game for 3 players every 2-3 Saturdays and I play in a Pathfinder game run by my brother every Saturday. I currently stream on Sundays, and am working on a campaign to potentially run and stream online with other streamers.

What do you think is the biggest hurdle DMs face?

I think DMs crucially need one of three things: A hearty knowledge of the system they are running, a good improvisational ability to make up their own rules on the spot, or a trust in their players to outsource the rules knowledge to them.

If you could give advice to yourself before you ran your first game, what would it be?

“Don’t worry about the rules; make them up if you have to. Just have fun and make sure others are doing the same.”

Who are three DMs, online or in person, that you admire? Why?

  • @RockAndROFL‘s storytelling style has a calm epicness to it that is just amazing.
  • @ItsProbablyOK is just all around a great person and amazing GM and storyteller.
  • @quiddie brings an energy to the table that is just outright contagious!

What custom creation of your own are you most proud of?

I’m still working on it, but the campaign setting that I am currently writing has been the source of most of my worldbuilding attention for the last 10-15 years. I have been posting snippets of it for #RPGaDay2019.

Quick, in one sentence, invent a magic item. No stats necessary.

A coin that, when flipped, emits an EMP when it lands on one side, and an Anti-Magic field when it lands on the other.

Naming just one tool, what’s the most valuable tool you use to help you prepare for your campaign?

Mindmapping is the primary practice that I use to plan campaigns. You start with the main, penultimate goal of the villain, then work your way outward into the sub-tasks that the villain needs to accomplish in order to achieve that goal. Then you continue to work outward into more and more detail. Once you have the villain’s goals mapped out down to the execution plan, you can start to think through how to present those plans within the world, allowing the party to decide how they want to interrupt them.

More about Kraesh
You can follow Kraesh on Twitter @Kraesh1 and catch his stream on Twitch.

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