d100 Horrible Giant Spider Variations

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Most people seem to have a particular aversion to spiders, especially big ones. Personally, I find them pretty amazing creatures. I have a pair of banana spiders that nest on my front porch (and eating all the wasps that like to nest there), and my house is overrun with literally hundreds of grand-daddy longlegs spiders, so I guess I’m pretty at home.

Spiders make great monsters for tabletop games, though, and giant ones even moreso. In the same vein as my d100 horrific zombie variations table, here’s 100 horrible giant spider variations.

Hey, what’s that crawling on your leg? …enjoy.

RollGiant spiders, but...
001...each of their eight legs comes from a different animal. This gives them a bizarre, clumsy gait, as none of the legs seem to be able to work in unison, almost as if the animals the legs belong to are still trapped in the amalgamation. A gazelle leg kicks frantically, trying to escape the lion paw beside it.
002...they are mechanical in nature, with flashing bronze limbs and whirring servos. Steam issues from vents along their abdomen, and electricity crackles across electrodes jammed into their heads.
003...instead of webs, they live in burrows scratched into volcanic rock with their front legs. Instead of using webs to snare their prey, they spray them with gouts of magma, turning to shovel the charred slag into their mouths, bits of rock and bone and all.
004...sonic nodules on their belly emit the sound of crying infants, luring helpful adventurers to their doom.
005...they have humanoid heads instead of a spider's many-eyed mandibled visage. The faces are always expressions of horror and pain -- when the spider feasts on a humanoid victim, their face boils away, flesh rolling and bubbling until it reshapes to take the face of the last victim.
006...they are docile, fat creatures, prized for the strange properties of the silk they produce. Rather than spin it in long strands, they vomit it up in blue fleshly sacs, but only after gorging themselves sick on fresh meat.
007...they cannibalize the corpses of their prey, tearing off bits and attaching them to themselves with sticky wads of webbing. They are particularly fond of eyeballs and jawbones, for some reason.
008...each of their eight limbs ends in a monkey-like five-fingered paw, which they use to swing themselves through treetops. When they pounce down upon their prey, they rear up on their back four legs, punching and clawing with the front limbs, howling like gorillas.
009...they have an uncanny appetite for language. Once a victim is trapped in their web, they shove a proboscis down their poor victim's throat, and through some eldritch process, violently suck the language out of them. The victim is otherwise left unharmed, aside from the throat trauma, but even if healed, they can never speak again.
010...they have three pairs of pendulous humanoid breasts dangling from the underside of their bellies, leaking stagnant milk. Their webs are sticky with it, and anyone caught in their web is forced to suckle while the spider cocoons them in web. Victims writhe with strange fever dreams of their own mothers, corrupted in horrible ways.
011...a broad ruffle of huge peacock feathers spreads from their abdomens. They use these feathers in an elaborate hypnotic dance, catching their prey in a paralyzing trance before they sink their fangs in. Rumor has it that plucked spider feathers are valuable spell components, but few live to fetch them.
012...they are made of soft, folded pink paper, rustling as they creep towards their victims. These origami arachnids have no fangs or web, but kill by unfolding themselves and smothering their victims in their depths. If caught aflame, the ashes shriek even as the wind scatters them.
013...instead of spinnerets, their fat bodies open like a giant yawn, revealing an orifice full of sticky web. They skitter up prey's body on skinny legs, shoving their victim's head within their body with their sharp legs. Muscle action shoves copious webbing down the victim's throat until they suffocate screaming within the spider's body. The spiders sigh until the twitching stops.
014...they walk around on four very long legs, with four tinier legs clutching a purplish orb tight to their bellies. The orb pulses, shining a jet of light on the ground beneath it. Where the pulse passes, living matter beneath it withers and crumbles into dust.
015...their massive bodies are covered in scavenged bits of armor -- cracked pauldrons and broken shields and smashed helmets. They jangle and clank as they lumber slowly along, content to crush prey beneath their prodigious weight and feast at their leisure. They add pieces of armor worn by their victims to their collection.
016...they have the bodies of beluga whales, large soft white bodies with smiling faces. Their rounded flippers flap ineffectually, even as their bodies scurry along on eight huge hairy spider legs. They lure victims close with their friendly, seemingly harmless nature, then launch webbing from their blowholes to trap prey they can gnaw apart.
017...their bodies are covered in fish-like scales, that scintillate in the light in colorful iridescent patterns. They spin bizarre cubic webs, covered in eldritch patterns. Pilgrim mages venture to their nests, camping nearby and studying the patterns for arcane insight.
018...their bodies are made of rich black muck, and they ooze parts of themselves away everywhere they go. They smell of sweet molasses, and exude a pheromone that entices victims to shove their faces against their sticky bodies for a taste. Once the victim does, they are stuck fast, with the spider carrying them along by their face until it hungers enough for a snack.
019...they have two giant eyes and two smaller ones, all four of which shine like bright spotlights. The beams they cast cannot be shut off, even after they are slain. Their heads are prized for lighthouses, but their fangs are sharp and their poison deadly.
020...they stink of gasoline, which they produce through a chemical process from the creatures they devour and store in sloshing sacs dangling from their abdomens. They vent huge clouds of choking black smoke from fleshly smokestacks behind their thorax. Goblins are fascinated by them and their "boomjuice," though more than a few of them become boomjuice themselves trying to harvest it.
021...they cultivate fairies, paralyzing them with venom and carrying them on their backs in a horrible parasitic relationship. The spider slowly feasts on the fairies' magic, even while the poor things wail and moan for aid, their light flickering dimly until it is snuffed entirely.
022...they croon psychic ministrations to their prey, beckoning them to engage in perverse sexual pleasures with the spider, forcefully injecting hallucinations of throbbing genitalia and coital sensations into their victim's mind, until they whimper and wither under the spider's looming will.
023...they have the warty limbs of scrawny old women, and hag-like faces. Satchels of herbs and cages full of lizards and rats dangle from their bodies, and they hunch over bubbling black cauldrons, working hexes.
024...they are pierced through with dozens of iron spears. They twitch and squirm, hissing in pain, seemingly too weak to move. When a victim approaches, they give up the ruse and pounce, pinning their meal with the sharp points of the spears before they sink their fangs in.
025...the adults use two of their limbs like catapults, flinging egg sacs full of their young. The young swarm the spider's victims, rushing into any orifice or bodily opening they can find.
026...their abdomens are giant eyeballs, bloodshot and mad, constantly darting around as if in the midst of a paranoid fit. Some say they are the eyes of an abused godling, but who knows who is really watching as they skitter about.
027...their bodies are covered in soft mammalian fur, usually in calico or tabby patterns, and they have catlike mouths full of sharp teeth. Very territorial, they hiss and yowl when another of their kind crosses into their turf.
028...they have strange, spindly humanoid bodies jutting from their thoraxes, with smooth, blank faces. When not hunting, they carve wooden masks out of bits of bark, leaving them dangling around their lair, but no scholar has ever been able to study them long enough to determine if this means they have a kind of intelligence...most researchers find themselves the spiders' next snack.
029...lush red flowers bloom from their backs, and they have a sweet fragrance. Fat bumblebees buzz lazily around the petals, and the spiders groom themselves, plucking flowers to decorate their webs.
030...their bodies are penetrated by writhing purple tentacles, like those of an octopus. The spiders seem to be caught in an endless battle with themselves, twitching legs and roiling tentacles constantly trying to pin and crush one another. This doesn't seem to actually harm the spider, or hinder it from devouring prey, but the spider and its tentacles never cooperate.
031...they weave coffins made of razorlike web and carry them around on their bellies. When they spot prey, they rush and try to shove them inside, even if it means shearing off a limb when the lid snaps shut.
032...they vomit copious rivers of glowing green slime, which they paint in unique patterns across their bodies. When they trap something in their web, they force it to drink gallon after gallon of the slime, until its stomach swells painfully and burst, killing it.
033...they have the limbs of deer, and broad many-pronged antlers crowning their arachnid heads. Territorial rivals clash by butting their antlers against one another, with the victor webbing and devouring the loser.
034...they have glowing nodules dotting their abdomen, inhabited by trapped elemental spirits. The spirits lash out in anger, flinging gouts of flame or needles of ice, but the spider ignores them all.
035...they raise corpses from the dead, web-ensorcelled zombies tethered to the spider by leashes of webbing. The spider hangs back, letting its zombie minions drag prey back into the lair for the spider to consume and reanimate.
036...they are golems, the creations of mad alchemists. Bubbling vats of strange substances teeter on their backs, sloshing mutagen on nearby creatures. Where it touches, the flesh sears and warps, becoming something new and horrible.
037...they have bulbous red eyes, which open like clamshells to reveal long tendrils that end in large rat heads. The tendrils squeak and snap and howl. The spiders feast on giant rodents, and every time they do, a new tendril grows, bearing the head of its latest meal.
038...they lurk in pitch blackness, with a long whip-like appendage hanging over their heads, tipped in a glowing angler's light. They feed on curiosity, often retreating when inquisitive prey draws close to the light, savoring the moment until their victim's curiosity is at its peak. Then they leap, poisonous fangs darting in.
039...grey-blue glands on their abdomen convulse and clench, mimicking the clap of sudden thunder. They hunt sentient beings, who often peer skyward looking for stormclouds, while the spider pounces from an underground lair to snatch them down beneath the earth to a tomb of poison and doom.
040...they have the heads of owls, and feet ending in talons. They perch in trees, calling "hoo-hoot-hoo." They vomit up the corpses of their prey in large pellets of hair and bone.
041...they whisper an endless series of secrets -- the secrets of kings and priests, the secrets of lovers faithful and treacherous -- which they learn through imperceptible vibrations in their webs. They whisper in the voices of the ones their secrets belong to, enticing opportunistic courtiers and jealous lovers to their lair to listen for proof of transgressions. Few listeners make it out, however.
042...they dwell in a vast web complex, each spider connected to its mother by an umbilical cord, still sucking nutrients from her. Each spider live-births only one child. The oldest great-great-great-grandmothers of the complex are withered, lich-like husks, their drained bodies undying, but unable to support the vast network of children nursing from them.
043...their bodies are sloppy piles of misshapen flesh, bubbling with teeth and eyes and hair in all the wrong places, bleeding ripped open portions of organs pulsing from ugly, crusted wounds. Their legs scurry too fast, seeming not realize the damage they do to themselves by snagging their ruined bodies on the ground and trees behind them in their haste for another meal.
044...they adopt orphaned children, clothing them in finely woven clothes of brightly colored silk, and housing them in chambers of web. They inject the children with a psychic venom that convinces the children the spider is their mother, dissolving painful memories of abandonment and trauma.
045...they are able to compress their bodies into very tiny spaces. They use this ability to shove themselves into the mouths of their slain victims, where they sleep in the corpse's distended bellies, unfurling and unfolding their many jointed legs to crawl out when a new victim approaches.
046...they have a symbiotic relationship with black, glittering slugs that cling to their wet scintillating bodies. The slime the slugs exude protects the spider's body from harm, and it shares its meals by shoveling gore torn from its victims over its body for the slugs to eat.
047...they have fully adapted to urban environments, their stony backs blending in perfectly with cobblestone streets. By day, passersby walk across them, never aware of the danger beneath their feet. By night, hapless revelers straying home from the pub are snatched into hollows in the dark.
048...they have long wooden poles grafted to their backs, from which hang lanterns. They creep forward in two parallel lines, leading a procession of arachnomancers riding larger spiders as packbeasts and mounts.
049...they disguise themselves as grotesquely fat human children, wailing deep in the woods. When travelers approach, they uncurl their legs from beneath the rolls of fat and skuttle forward. They hunt in packs of 4-6 spiders.
050...their bodies are covered in a greasy substance, like old rancid beef fat. Cockroaches and beetles scuttle across their bodies, feasting on the grease. They smell like a trash pit, but don't seem to mind the filth.
051...they have papery abdomens full of wasp nests. The glittery blue wasps lay their eggs on the spider's back. The spiders themselves are fairly harmless, lazily loping across the forest floor in search of small rodents to eat, but the wasps will violently swarm anyone who disturbs their eight-legged mobile nest.
052...they have wispy, brightly colored legs and twiggish green bodies. They hang in clusters from the branches of trees with their legs dangling down, looking like large otherworldly flowers to anyone not looking closely. When prey walks underneath, they drop down for the kill.
053...one of their forelimbs ends in a giant chitinous shield. They use the shield to ward off attacks from predators and spider hunters with surprising skill, as well as using it as a bashing implement to stun potential prey.
054...instead of mandibles, they have what appears to be the mouth of a human or elven woman with painted lips. The mouth smiles coyly, while hypnotic colors swirl within the spider's dozen eyes. Anyone caught in the stare finds themselves compelled to offer a part of their body -- a wrist, the inside of a throat, a shoulder -- for a kiss. Microscopic barbs upon the spider's lips inject a poison that causes sleep, then death. Even if they escape the spider, the victim may dream wistfully for weeks, wishing they could return for the spider's kiss.
055...their fat bodies split open when slain, spilled thousands of eggs that hatch with exposure to the air. A crawling carpet of young spreads out in all directions, grotesque, but relatively harmless unless disturbed.
056...they nest in apple trees, camouflaged as bright red fruits. Orchard-keepers like them, because they keep away other pests that may harm the apples, but telling them apart from the apples takes a practiced eye. More than one hungry adventurer seeking to swipe a snack from a nearby tree has ended up with a black wound gnawing a hole through their hand from the spiders' potent venom.
057...they vent a thick humid fog through gill-like organs on their back. The fog has a psychic effect, inciting anxiety and panic in those who inhale it. The spiders use this effect to separate the smallest, weakest member from a group and entrap them in webbing, dragging them back to their nest to be eaten later.
058...they are severed corpse heads, tongues lolling out, scuttling about on eight hairy legs. They stare at nothing with dead eyes.
059...they infest inns and barracks, descending from the rafters on their webs to suck the dreams from the minds of sleepers. The more dreams they devour from a victim, the more that victim begins to fear sleep, even if they never see the spider itself.
060...they infest the dark corners of vast libraries, using their forelegs to tear pages from books, which they chew into a papier-mâché-like substance to build their nests with. Most use mundane books for this, and are relatively harmless, but the lucky spider who builds its nest from a forgotten spellbook absorbs strange magics from its nest.
061...their abdomens are huge rocky gemstones, glittering and glinting in the light, often found in the deepest, darkest mines. The miners leave offerings of goat or lamb, and give the spiders a wide berth -- if the offerings were to stop, the spiders would happily feast on the miners themselves.
062...they appear as hunch-backed, hairy old men, with six spindly arms, each hand clutching needle and thread. While they walk upright like men, they sew victims into sacks of webbing, muttering to themselves in a language only spiders speak.
063...they are ghostly white, with only a single oddly-humanoid eye in the middle of their heads. Spectres and ghosts swirl within the spiders' pupils, sometimes seen screaming and pounding on the inside of their pupils like someone trapped behind glass.
064...their webs are decorated with hundreds of glittering coins, hanging from strands of web. Once they cocoon their victims in web, they pick through their pockets and pouches for more coins to add to their collection.
065...pairs of large wooden cart wheels are affixed to their bellies, and they pull themselves along with their knobbly legs at surprising speed like scrabbling charioteers. There is no indication who attached the cart wheels to the spiders -- some crazy alchemist? or the spiders themselves?
066...they have black orb bodies, and long, thin limbs that dissolve into wisps of black smoke with every step. New limbs grow just as rapidly from other places on their bodies. The effect is disorienting, and they can change direction without warning.
067...they are covered in thick, mismatched patches of bloody hair. They scalp their victims with sharp blades on the ends of their forelimbs, and drape themselves in the hair of their victims. They are particularly drawn to victims with longer hair.
068...their short, stubby limbs are barely capable of moving their grotesquely obese bodies. Strange shapes move within the mounds of fat, almost as if something is trying to escape -- was that a hand trying to push its way out? a face screaming?
069...they hum constantly, growing louder the more of them congregate. The humming can reach a dangerous pitch, bursting blood vessels and causing victims trapped in their webs to leak blood from their eyes and noses and ears. The spiders lick the blood with long, prehensile tongues.
070...they have large brain-like bodies, with two glowing red eyes. Their limbs are tiny and atrophied, but they don't seem to need them, levitating in midair lazily. They overwhelm their victims with waves of psychic force, only using their limbs to cut into the stunned victim's flesh with scalpel-like blades.
071...their web has powerful healing properties, but this is rarely a good thing -- they tear open their victim's bellies, and shove huge bulbous egg sacs inside the wound. The web heals the flesh over and keeps the victim alive until the eggs are ready to hatch, keeps them alive even as the tiny spiderlings chew their way out. The spiders sometimes use the same victim more than once -- the only escape is the victim's eventual starvation.
072...their bodies look like naked humans corpses, with four large spider legs bursting out of their backs. Their young are nearly indistinguishable from naked human children, as the spider legs only grow at maturity and they have not yet developed the corpse-like appearance. The children do not speak, but use their appearance to try to lure victims back to their parents' lair.
073...they have tiny, round bodies, with a ring of red eyes sandwiched between two halves of a greenish orb -- their eyes peer in every direction. Their legs are extremely long, almost twice the length of a human at full extension, but only as wide around as a broomstick.
074...they gorge on sand, filling their bellies with it. If pierced, sand spills out. They process the sand into a glass-like substance, which they use to spear victims instead of weaving webs.
075...their bodies are covered in human-like skin. They harvest pigments from local flora, and use them to tattoo strange patterns on themselves. Legend has it that one of the spiders in a local hive has tattooed itself with the location of a lost temple.
076...they enter their victim's mouth while the victim is sleeping, devouring and replacing its tongue with their bodies. A powerful psychic poison convinces the victim that nothing is wrong, and compels them to seek out someone else to transfer to the spider to, usually through mouth-to-mouth contact.
077...they have the heads of goblins, fused with a spider's abdomen and eight striped legs. Although the local goblin tribe worships them as shamans, they are have nothing in common with the goblins aside from appearance, and are happy to feast on the acolytes.
078...flocks of starlings nest in the hollows on the spider's back. The starlings themselves share a weakened form of the spider's poison, which they deliver through their talons. When the spider is disturbed, the starlings take to air, cawing and clawing at anyone in the area.
079...they have a disturbing habit of hiding themselves within children's stuffed dolls. The spiders tear the dolls open, pull out the stuffing, then stuff themselves inside, using a webbing nearly indistinguishable from thread to stitch the cut close. Then they lie in wait for a tasty meal. A shaky merchant in a tavern, nursing a bandaged hand, worries about a shipment of dolls he just delivered to the market in the next town over.
080...they weave massive statues out of dense webs. No one knows who the statues are supposed to represent, but they are surprisingly detailed, and scholars are very interested in studying them. There are whispers that the statues even move sometimes, but this may just be the ramblings of drunken fools.
081...they are brightly colored, with strange nodules on the joints of their legs that jingle like bells. They spray a contact poison that causes those it touches to begin cackling madly. They laugh and giggle and snort for hours, even as the spider begins slowly encapsulating them in webbing.
082...they are half-ethereal, weaving webs that, while tangible in the real world, are designed to capture the spider's real prey -- ghosts and spectres. The spiders nest near graveyards and battlegrounds, feasting on the souls of those unlucky dead. Any spirit consumed by the spider never reaches the afterlife.
083...their translucent abdomens are hollow, and they stuff their victims into them, devouring them slowly over several weeks. The weak struggling figures are visible within the faint glowing bellies of the creatures.
084...they have no heads, and flat, table-like bodies. They cocoon their victims and strap them to their table-backs, where tinier spiders swarm and devour.
085...one of their forelimbs is surprisingly flexible, ending in a hand with eight long fingers. They use it to clutch the skull of their last victim, humanoid or beast, and use it as a bizarre puppet to speak through a vocal organ in the palm. The spiders can only mimic voices or sounds they have already heard, however, and have little real intelligence.
086...they gather only very straight twigs from the ground, each about 12 inches in length, clutching bundles of them to their bodies with two smaller limbs. When they kill a victim, they tear open its belly, and scatter the twigs among the entrails, an act eerily reminiscent of some methods of divination. Whether the spiders are actually able to divine anything from their castings is a matter of much arcane debate.
087...they weave huge labyrinthine mazes high in the tallest trees. They snatch up victims from the ground, and deposit them somewhere in the mazes, and then stalk their prey through the mazes. The mazes have plenty of exits, but it's a long drop to the ground, and the spider is rarely far behind.
088...they have a special desire for eating spellcasters. They are seemingly immune to magic, absorbing it into glowing sacs within their bodies. When slain, they explode in a maelstrom of elemental power as the stored magic is released.
089...they have large bowl-shaped depressions on their backs. They hang their victims from the ceilings of their lairs, then exsanguinate them, letting the depressions fill with blood. The blood sloshes about as the spider moves, never spilling, never seeming to coagulate. There seems to be no end to how much the bowls can contain.
090...they weave strange blue webs across the banks of rivers, snagging fish and waterfowl -- and the occasional fisherman -- from the water below.
091...witches roost in small, ugly huts built atop spindly stalks rising from the spiders' backs. Fiercely territorial, the witches cast hexes and curses at other witches that draw near. The oldest spiders have many scars from their mistresses' squabbles.
092...they steal the fetuses out of the pregnant women they kill and devour, transferring them to artificial wombs within their own bellies to continue gestating. When born, the children seem normal, except the insides of their mouths are always full of web, and their eyes are glassy and solid black.
093...they keep the ghastly severed heads of their victims dangling from strands of web around their waists, somehow kept magically alive by the spider's power. Some of the heads wail endlessly about their plight, begging to be put out of their misery. Others seem to have come to terms with their condition and are willing to speak with anyone who will talk to them. The spiders ignore all who approach -- unless they grow hungry. Thankfully, they only need to feed about once a month.
094...they come in pairs, bound together by red fleshy tubes that look like intestines. The two spiders don't necessarily work together, sometimes straining painfully against the tethers binding them together. Occasionally, a particularly stubborn one dominates the arrangement, dragging its partner along -- or even tearing itself free entirely, a bloody affair that spells doom for both spiders.
095...trios of levitating stones whirl slowly around the spiders' heads. The stones pulse slowly with magical energy, and weird whispers fill the area nearby. The spiders seem to take little notice of these effects, but if the stones are snatched or moved, the spiders go wild, limbs flailing out in confused, jerking movements.
096...they have the bodies of huge, obese naked humans -- or wear obese humans as costumes, it's difficult to tell. Their legs punch through holes in the mounds of flesh, and their spider mouths are hidden where the navel should be. The human heads loll to the side uselessly, eyes staring vacant, mouths open and drooling.
097...they are white and gold, with three pairs of huge angelic wings, and radiant halos. They soar through the sky easily, blinding victims with their flashing radiance, before diving to pierce them with their lance-like legs.
098...they drip bright pink slime from their mandibles. They bite into their victim's belly, injecting a poison that transmutes and distorts the victim's flesh from the inside. The poison breaks away globs of flesh and organ, which transmute randomly into brilliant blue butterflies and hopping frogs and scurrying mice, all rapidly trying to escape through the victim's screaming mouth and the hole in their gut.
099...they are absolutely massive, sea-dwelling spiders, who feast on ships and drag them into the depths. The spiders wear the ships like the shells of hermit crabs, lumbering derelict hulks creeping across the sea floor. Once every twenty years, they crawl ashore, laying bulbous egg sacs in the port towns of the region. The inhabitants of those towns know better than the come outside during the nesting.
100...they lust after humanoids. Each spider selects a particular victim, whom they stalk over a period of months or years. The spider often observes their victim while the victim sleeps, and they sometimes leave gifts or toys for their victim to find. Though they usually keep their distance and only observe from afar, the spiders are insanely jealous, and may kill and attempt to replace their victim's romantic or sexual partners.

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