2d8 Outer Space Things For Your Fantasy RPG

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Series: RPGaDay 2019
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RPG A Day 2019

Today is the fifth day of #RPGaDAY2019, and today’s prompt is SPACE. It’s got me thinking about the role of outer space in fantasy tabletop RPGs. The typical fantasy setting with its magical medieval stasis world often ignores the question of space, despite the fact that astronomers were active in the eras these worlds emulate.

So, here are 2d8 Outer Space Things For Your Fantasy RPG. Astronomers and stargazers, alien abductees, crashed starships, and more. Specifically, most of the elements below focus on magic as a tool for the exploration and study of space.

2An unconscious dwarven commoner, lying in a circle of scorched grass. He is heavily sunburnt, with long greasy black hair. If roused, he stares with wild mad eyes, shrieking and ranting about creatures from beyond the stars. There is a tiny, sleek metal antenna jutting out of the back of his neck, half-hidden by his hair, but he doesn't seem to have noticed its presence just yet.
3A crashed satellite, weakly pulsing with failed gravitational magic. It looks like a steel barrel, with a telescope jutting out from one end. The crest of an emperor is emblazoned on the side of the barrel. If cracked open, a fleshly homunculus is inside, its single large eye fused to the viewing end of the telescope. The homunculus did not survive the crash.
4A book on astromancy, clutched in the hands of a dead mage. Its pages are full of diagrams and star charts. Notes related to a particular comet are scribbled in the margins, along with draft notes for a magic gem that projects an orrery.
5Snakepeople shamans in the middle of a ritual observing a particular constellation. A high shaman makes precise measurements with long, notched staff, adjusting the placement of apprentices to match the stars in the sky.
6Artisans in the middle of building an observatory. The buildsite supervisor seems annoyed, mostly because he is being pestered by a very nervous scholar. The scholar seems concerned that the observatory will not be complete in time for a predicted celestial event.
7Strangely-dressed explorers from another world, trying badly to fit in. They became trapped here when the power source for their craft failed. Their engineer says their power source doesn't exist on this world, but a magical crystal excreted by a dangerous subterranean horror might work.
8A space dragon hatchling, abandoned on this planet. A creature suited for zero gravity, it's body struggles to develop here. It must reach orbit soon, or it will die.
9Elven star wizards, casting enchantments on platforms of woven wood. The enchantments will allow the platforms to float above the clouds, giving the wizards a better vantage point to observe the stars, but a saboteur is meddling with the enchantments.
10A merchant specializing in gear for astronomers. His cart is laden with sextants and telescopes and small models of the solar system. His wares are very expensive, and he isn't interested in budging on the price. He is accompanied by three bodyguards and an assistant. The assistant is willing to cut a deal, but he's skimming profits under his employer's nose.
11The wreckage of a magical spacecraft, still smoldering. The craft's core is a glowing runestone. A huge crack runs through the middle of it, and corrupted, purple quintessence oozes out of it, running in streams through the crash site. The strange ooze is starting to mutate the local wildlife.
12Monks devoted to the celestial order of the solar system. They march in concentric rings, with each veteran monk representing a planet. They never stop moving, slowly circling a central point. Younger initiates represent moons, circling awkwardly around their elders. The abbot, painted head to toe in gold, stands in place of the sun, slowly turning in place to observe the entire monastery's movements.
13Gnomish rocketeers testing a new rocket design. A towering gantry has been constructed, and technicians in white jumpsuits are trying to cram a queasy-looking pilot into an awkward metal suit. A large cart with a sloshing canvas bag has been pulled alongside the rocket, slowly deflating as hoses pump the liquid in into some chamber of the engine. A pungent, alchemical stink is in the air.
14An excited astronomer, trying desperately to reach the king. He has a satchel stuffed overfull with charts that he keeps spilling, and he won't stop chattering about a marvelous discovery that will change the progress of civilization. Time is of the essence! but no one is taking him seriously.
15An artist, seated before a large brass telescope on a tripod, and a canvas, upon which is a work-in-progress painting of a beautiful nebula. From time to time, the artist inserts a crystal from a nearby basket into a slot in the telescope's casing, but she is running low. The nebula she is referencing is invisible to the naked eye, even with magnification -- only the special crystals allow her to view the nebula to reference it for her painting.
16A forgotten stone portal, covered in arcane glyphs and creeping moss, connected to an abandoned moon base. Most of the base is still sealed, but the environmental containment spells in some portions have collapsed. The world looms brilliantly through the base's windows. Automated security systems return to operation when new, unauthorized life is detected within the base's perimeter.

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