2d20 Unique Lootables For Your Adventurers To Find

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Series: RPGaDay 2019
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RPG A Day 2019

Today is the second day of #RPGaDAY2019, and today’s prompt is UNIQUE.

Here are 2d20 strange and unique things for your adventurers to discover in their next dungeon delve. Some are helpful, some are harmful, some are just plain weird.

RollIn the dungeon, you find...
2...a box crafted from a turtle shell, covered in runes. The runes must be pressed in a specific order in order to open the box. Within is a small stack of papers, which appear to be draft notes for a bard's play.
3...a folding fan of vulture feathers, smelling faintly of dark, musky incense.
4...seventeen gold coins, scattered about the floor. They are seemingly normal coins of the local kingdom, but on every one, the monarch's face has been gouged out with a blade or claw.
5...a bounty flyer, detailing a reward for a con artist. Someone has doodled a crown atop the rogue's picture with red crayon.
6...a magic knife with a broken blade. A gem in the pommel glows weakly, flickering out as if the magic is fading. When touched, the bearer catches a mental flash of the forge where the blade was crafted, and a singular thought burrowing into their brain: "HELP."
7...a wood and wire cage full of 3-6 magic toads. They are covered in bright speckles. A tag on the handle calls them "licking toads." When licked, they imbue the licker with beneficial magical effects -- but lick too often, and risk becoming addicted to them.
8...a bundle of bright wildflowers, strangely fresh in the midst of this dank dungeon's filth. They are bound with golden elven hair. One of the petals hides a secret rune.
9...a small figure of a squatting many-toothed demon, hands clasped in prayer. The figure is carved from alabaster. One of its teeth is removable, for some reason.
10...a children's wooden sword, with the name "Algier" carved into the handle with an unpracticed hand. Anyone who holds the sword finds it leaves splinters in their fingers if they aren't wearing gloves, but the blade cuts as well as a sword made of steel.
11...a tiny meteorite, still warm to the touch. It dissolves if it gets wet, forming a strange gritty paste that smells of scorched iron. The paste can be shaped like clay, hardening again once it dries.
12...three hand-painted cards on stiff paper. The cards depict a cat, a dragon, and a lizard. The back of each card is the same -- a shield bearing all three creatures on its crest.
13...a crudely made compass. The lid doesn't seem to fit right, and the needle wobbles uncertainly. It is mostly accurate, but one can never be sure.
14...a corset of black and white lace, packed into a leather box with white tissue paper. A note tied to the box says, "Lorins, my dear, you will look fetching in this." It doesn't appear it was ever worn. Something unsettling happens if the corset is put on.
15...a glass vial dangling from a silver chain. Within the vial are two red and orange feathers. If the vial is opened, a strange wind blows from nowhere, whisking the feathers away.
16...a purple ceramic desk lamp shaped like an elephant. The flame flickers at the end of its trunk. For some reason, people never dream when they sleep near the lamp when it is lit.
17...a small pouch containing a dozen brown stones. When handled, the stones uncurl eight tiny legs, revealing themselves to be spiders. The spiders seem to imprint on the first person to handle them. They are harmless, but keep trying to crawl under clothing and into ears and armpits, until they can be coaxed back into the bag.
18...a red leather eyepatch. The outside surface of the eyepatch bears a sailing ship design, but the inside is sticky and stinking with a wet pus-like crust.
19...a strange magical book.
20...a spiraling wooden wand, with an iron ring fitted on it. When the ring is moved across the spiral, a strange and surprisingly loud droning sound issues forth. Is that the sound of leathery wings in the distance?
21...a finely made porcelain plate, with a picture in gold painted on its surface. The picture is divided into three portions, showing a monarch. Scene 1 shows the monarch's coronation, scene 2 shows the monarch injured in battle, scene 3 shows the monarch seated on their throne, face of skull and bone.
22...a necklace of three giant bird talons, separated by two bright blue feathers, strung on finely braided string. The talons always seem to work their way under the wearer's shirt, scratching lightly at their skin.
23...a set of surgeon's tools, bound in a leather folding case. The tools were once finely made, but have been allowed to rust over. They'd fetch a good price, but only if restored.
24...a glass bottle containing sixteen wafer-like tablets made from the red sap of a tree. The tablets are stacked one atop the other, and the fourth one down still bears the thumbprint of the alchemist who made them. When chewed, a strange tingling sensation fills the eater's body.
25...a set of ten crystal nails, made to be affixed atop one's actual fingernails. A small bottle of adhesive is included. When applied, the crystals begin to grow, slowly encompassing the wearer's entire fingers. This doesn't inhibit them from using their fingers.
26...a huge grey urn, about four feet tall. It is filled with ash. A metal band around its belly is engraved with scenes of six knights fighting valiantly against evil. At the bottom of the urn, beneath the ash, are six skulls, one smashed to pieces.
27...a bulbous glob of fat and hair, the regurgitated remains of some monster's last meal. Somewhere in the muck is a sealed box, full of letters written in a flowing, beautiful script. Who are they from?
28...a prosthetic eye, carved from smoky-white crystal. A copper coin is set into the ball as an iris. The copper is turning green with corrosion and age.
29...a distinctive oak cask, painted with green and gold scales. It contains boiled lizardman eggs, pickled in vinegar and spices. A tasty treat.
30...a pair of boots made from soft black lambskin. They allow one to step through shadows, but the wearer's feet slowly fade into shadow themselves the longer the boots are worn.
31...a child's doll, made of burlap and stuffed with wool, with black button eyes. The doll compels those who observe it to hug it close to their breast -- if multiple people observe the doll, they may fight among themselves to be its bearer.
32...a broken wooden roadsign, shaped like an arrow. The word MUNGLEFORD is carved into the wood in blocky letters. There is blood splattered upon the arrow's point.
33...a small clockwork goblin, made of polished steel, inert and slumped against a wall. There is a keyhole on his back, but the key is nowhere to be found.
34...a dagger made from a massive fang, the root of which is wrapped in leather strips. Strange markings are notched into one side of the tooth, almost like tallymarks.
35...a witch's head, shrunken and trapped in a bottle. If the bottle is opened, the witch demands release, alternately shouting belligerent curses and promising to grant boons and wishes at those nearby. The neck of the bottle is too small to get the head out without smashing it.
36...a pair of earrings shaped like bright red seahorses. The earrings are, in fact, real seahorses. They twist and move from their wearer's ears. They cannot be removed from their settings, or else they will die.
37...a promise, carved into a stone tablet. Anyone who reads the promise is struck by a sudden conviction to keep the promise, no matter the cost.
38...a small plaster disc, bearing an imprint of two wings. When snapped in half, the stone imparts the bearer with the ability to fly, but the broken halfs must be kept one in each hand to maintain the effect. If the bearer lets go of one of the broken halfs, they plummet like a dropped rock.
39...a wooden mask, shaped like a lion's roaring face, without the mane. When placed upon the face, it adheres to the skin, and a broad mane of luxurious red fur begins to grow. The fur does not stop growing, lengthening by the second. Any sounds the wearer makes are transformed in the roars and growls of an injured lion.
40...a folded blanket of soft, lush material, with beautiful pattern. The blanket is very warm, and sheds water easily, making it a good tool against the elements, but every time a creature is wrapped in it, they find that they feel perceptibly colder once they take it off, even in hot weather. Putting the blanket back on seems to be the only way to get warm.
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